Unable to Open PDFs when Multiple Logic Servers


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This is not on your TR, but the idea is the same...

Try turning on the LOG2 settings in jdelog.properties (should be set to LEVEL=DEBUG, COMPONENT=ALL). Set the FILE to somewhere easy (I create a c:\jdelogs\ folder so mine is c:\jdelogs\jasdebug.log)

Restart the local JAS and make sure that file is logging stuff (it will grow quickly).

Try to retrieve the PDF.

In the log, you should see a call to ube.myService(): Servlet UBE service called server...
Start digging below that. I see an entry with "Resolved database object F986110 to data source " and the server map data source
There may be a clue as to why the OCM cache lookup doesn't seem to be working.

Comparing the working log to the failing log could help.

BTW, what is APPLIB9? The default TBLE data source?



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Oracle Support has submitted it as a Tools Issue - with the understanding that it is a JAS / JDBC thing, not specific to OCM.

Something for us all to start realizing - Many of our functions are now being integrated into the java. As Oracle explained a year ago - functions on the fat client are being directly integrated as web, in the presentation layer. We are going to start seeing more and more 'different' behaviors between Thick and Web clients. As they move functions into java - they are getting much-better performance.

I'll try to find a doc that better explains this. Basically, if we reference an API or Function that has been java-enabled - that function runs in space (not where us legacy developers would expect to be able to troubleshoot). I have not acquired the 'debug java/jas/web skill set, yet.

Quickly getting to be a brand new world out there - and I'm getting too old for this stuff. Might have to revert back to XE for a while.

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Dan - I presume you already checked the server .INI and specifically the "supported extensions" part. .PDF should be a part of that. It often needs to be modified from default.


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Jon - I assume you are referring to the allowedFileExtensions key in JDENET? That is used for only package builds, to my knowledge. I rechecked the INI files on a few servers and there is pdf is not in the allowedFileExtensions key.