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Unable to Check-in/Check-Out from Batch Version Application


Hi List

Recently I created a new Environment called PX7333 based on JD7333 and then applied XE update 6. There were no major issues in the process.

users are able to logon to the new environment through the Citrix server like any other environments (PY7333,PD7333 etc) and able to submit the batch versions. However when the users (Including me as CNC Admin) either create a new version or copy any existing version; not able to check-in through the batch version application. All the row exits are greyed out and I dont think there is a securtiy issue as the security is shared across the environments.

However the version can be checked in through OMW without any issues.

Any sort of help will be appreciated.


XE update 3, Oracle 8.17, AIX 4, Citrix ,RS6000 Ent server.

Frosty the Coder

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Look at the thread "BV, Advanced, Row Exits Disabled" in this forum.

We had the same (or very similar) issue that is resolved by an ESU.
I believe that someplace in this thread, that ESU is named.



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Yes, this is a known issue with Update 6. JDEdwards has an ESU that fixes this problem. Make sure that you follow special instruction. The ESU is JD18406. See SAR 5972044 "Fix Batch Versions Checkout"

Hope this helps,