UDC entries vs OMW Promotion & ProdPack


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Hi Forum/List,

I have some question about how does OMW Status Promotion and Product Packaging handle UDC entries.
Let see an example:

* UDC 98/SY is an already existing type
* I have 55AA, 55BB and 55CC entry under my PY7333 environment
* There are 55AA, 55BB and 55CC entries at client's site too
* Under my DV7333 I add 98/SY to my project in OMW
* 55AA entry does not exist under DV7333
* 55BB entry exists under DV7333 and I modified it via OMW in my project (e.g. Description or Special handling Code or Language Override)
* 55CC entry exists under DV7333 and I deleted it via OMW in my project
* I added a new 55DD entry under DV7333 via OMW in my project

Now I promote my project to status 26, CNC guys create a CD from my project under DV7333 with Product Packaging Tool and install it at client site.

Q1.) Will be 55AA preserved under PY7333 and client site?
Q2.) Will be 55BB modified under PY7333 and client site?
Q3.) Will be 55CC deleted under PY7333 and client site?
Q4.) Will be 55DD added under PY7333 and client site?

Although I know the answer for some of the questions but not for all.
Very important to know exactly these answers because we can destroy UDCs accidently as well under PY7333 and as at client site.

The scenario and questions could be paralell for Menus and Menu Selection.

Any help, answer or information will be greatly appreciated as well about UDCs as about MENUs!

Of course, the platform this time is XE.

P.S.: Please, respect that I amn't a CNC guy just a developer. Thanks.

B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
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