UBE ends in E status on server


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Hi guys,

We have a problem with a newly developed custom UBE...it runs well when run LOCAL but fails on server when submitted from webclient.

It fails immediately after inserting a single record into a custom table...and the kernel goes into zombie status.

On fat client LOCAL run it successfully inserts multiple records and generates pdf output.

E1 9.2
Solaris & Oracle platform

We tried with a new table and new UBE....but still it inserts one record and fails...I already approached Oracle support but I believe I can get faster help here.

Thanks for your help!


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Without knowing what the UBE is doing, first look to make sure that it isn't calling any NER,BSFN,API functions that are client only.


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Thanks for the responses.....we figured out that the UBE functions as expected on the server with no logging. But it keeps failing after inserting single record when UBE Logging is set to 6 while submitting on the server.

UBE is a simple columnar report that reads F4801 and inserts it in a custom table with DOCO as primary key. Please refer to ER attached., Let me know if you can identify any mistakes.

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As someone has already mentioned , pls check NER and business functions and make sure they are not client only . Does it work in any server environment perfectly like NON prod , dvb pyb server or it fails there too .

In the logs , check using keywords like - fail , exception , error , return value is 2 , unable etc and sure you will find something .

Make sure all is generated like new tables are generated , new indexes , try using generate HTML options in OMW , repromotion and deploy , check deploy logs as well , sometimes some related functions need to be passed too .