Transfer version's with OMW


Transfer version\'s with OMW


I'm new in OMW and I'm trying to configure OMW. I can transfer Reports with
their Templates, but didn't transfer their versions. Do you have any idea?

When OMW ask for datasource from and to, which datasources are right,
Central Objects, Control Tables, Business Data, System, Enterprise?

Thanks in advanced!

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Re: Transfer version\'s with OMW

To transfer versions in OMW make sure you have your transfer activity rules
set up correctly for the specific project statuses.

You should have an entry for object type 'UBEVER' and the from and to location should be the Central Objects data source's assuming the F983051 are located there.


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RE: Transfer version\'s with OMW

One other note with versions in OMW. There is an 'opportunity' in that when
you look at the new/status for a version, it will only display one pathcode
and not every pathcode it is currently in. Only on the template level will
it display all of the pathcodes it is installed in, so don't think that just
because the news/status is displaying only one pathcode that it isn't
installed in any other.


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