Books of JDE?


Somebody outside USA has buying the books trhough the site on

I want to buy it (the complete reference), but I don't know if that's a
secure site to buy.

Hava a nice day!

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Re: Books of JDE?

JDEList utilizes Paypal which is a secure site. Credit card and check information is not sent to

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Re: Books of JDE?

I try to open a account but there is no country address for Taiwan on Paypal. Then I ordered from Fatbrain, the terrible mistake they charged me with international air but put the book by ocean.
It takes me wait for at least two more months and no guarantee I can receive the book.
Sorry to post this on forum but you may get something from my lesson.


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RE: Books of JDE?

As another note. When I was at Focus this year, I saw the little flyer
about the JDE books and the new one on OneWorld Xe and OMW. I immediately
placed an order with Barnes & Nobel and Borders (sometimes one gets it
quicker than the other) and I was notified by B&N that the publish date was
pushed from August to October, I received another call shortly after from
Borders with the same information.
In short, the OneWorld Xe book will not be published until October.


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