Tr 9.1.5

Yes. Just playing with it in our lab. Did some quick tests with package builds and all worked as expected. I like the new skin on the web interface.
It appears to be an overall style sheet change. Here is the quote from the TR release notes:

A modern application look based on an updated style sheet called ‘Alta’ including changes in colors, fonts, icons, tabs, and buttons. This enhancement helps standardize the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne UI to match other Oracle ERP product and cloud offerings.

Sorry if my use of the word "skin" was confusing.



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We are just starting a tools upgrade. We were going to implement but have decided to go with

Came across this document: 9.1.5 C API

Some interesting things.

jdeCallObjectThreaded and JdeCallObjectThreadedJoin. Looks like we can do our own threading inside of BSFNs now - this will be fun - I can take my obscure, needle in a haystack bugs to a whole new level now.

XRCS_parseAppQueryWhere. Looks like basically the APPL equivalent of ubeSection_GetDataSelection - get user set data selection from a form in a BSFN. This could be very very useful. I know of several occasions in the past where I could have used this.

Bunch of significant enhancements to JDEBASE including additional aggregate API calls and WHERE clause calls.
Thanks Everyone
It is very helpful to know more about the TR.

I don't understand why the Mobile enterprise application does not show for TR 9.1.5 or even in the Doc ID 1637232.2
Is it not supported or I miss something?

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Just an FYI. The format of the job details in submitted jobs (F986110/JCFNDFUF2) in TR has changed to Report_Version (the previous format being Report_Version_JobNumber_PDF). Documented in Doc ID 1956471.1.