Tools Release Required For Windows 7 on Deployment Server?


We are need to upgrade our deployment server from XP to Windows 7. We are currently on 8.10 / tools release 8.9.6. We attempted to install windows 7 and received a "fatal error" at install.

Is there a tools release required that will allow us to upgrade? Has anyone successfully installed Windows 7 (or higher)on 8.10?

You're asking for trouble if you don't follow the MTRs for your tools release. Assuming that the reason for your upgrade is due to a need to replace hardware then you'll be better off looking to set up your deployment server as a virtual machine and then running JDE that way. While not officially supported, 8.10/8.96 runs just fine in a virtual environment.
The last TR that is supported on E8.10 is 8.98.1 and the first TR that supports Windows 7 as a Deployment server is 9.1.0
So, you can either upgrade to E9.1 or as Russell suggested earlier you can run it in a VM.