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We are on tools and seriously considering upgrading to TR

Anyone running .10? We arent ready to jump up to TR9.2.x, and ..5.10 has several fixes we need. Just looking for any feedback on actual use before we dive in.



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Are you Unicode or non-unicode? That would determine if you would need to use the POC or not. For the most part it is straight forward and I did not face any issues when we moved from to Ours was an iSeries platform.

There are no major updates between .5 and .10 and the updates are mostly related to AIS so I guess the experience should not be much different.

I did face issues with accessing JDE on iPADs though using the tenant app. Oracle finally gave me a POC for the fix.


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Just an FYI for anyone thinking about, there are some issues that aren't resolved. This is the first .10 release in E1 (that I can remember anyway), so a couple tools related apps like the P982400 aren't working.

There is an ESU for the issue, JM20455, but that has 2 baselines, and one of the baselines JM19115 can't be loaded on 9.1.5.x tools, it requires TR of at least So to fix you have to upgrade to 9.2.x.x! Gotta love Oracle circle logic.

It's not difficult to code around the issues as a temp fix, but Oracle seems to be caught in some catch 22s between and 9.2.x.x
Beyond the minor tools release bugs related to .10 it all seems to work well.