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Tool for having separate environments with different dates?


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Hi All,

Any help on this sure would be appreciated. We are just putting in an AS400
(830 9406) and OW Xe. We will not be coexistent.

We would like to be able to put in test environments and date them ahead for
testing purposes separate from the other environments. Is this possible?
Does anyone out there know of a tool/program for this?

Thank you!



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Hi Lori,

Logically speaking, Yes. I am by no means an AS/400 brainiac ~ but I know
enough to be serially deadly.

Depending on how you configure your machine's LPARs ~ and what/which
environments you place on each ~ yes, you can have different dates, times,
even versions of the OS on a single AS/400 box.

Your IBM guy can give you the details. There are not many processors that
allow logical partitioning, but the 400 has been capable for a fairly long
time, technology wise. You made a good choice by choosing the 400.

Daniel Bohner

or my day job

Daniel Bohner
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Thank you Daniel,

Yes, we have a 4 way processor. We will probably use 3 of them for
production. We are going to look into the LPARs to split up other
environments for testing. I have just heard we could change dates, set up
different IBM releases and everything in the LPARs. My IBM rep was just
here and possibly that will be how we will set up the testing. We have a
lot to learn on that end. The CIO and I have AS400 backgrounds and KNOW
they are the way to go. We are very happy the company chose to go that

:) Lori