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Tick Multiple Grid Lines



I have been away from developing for a few years and I can't believe how much I have forgotten!

I have a grid where if a row is double-clicked it puts a tick in the 'attachments' column - is this a standard function - how to I switch this on and off?

We would like to be able to highlight multiple rows and have them all put a tick next to them (to pass back to another form). Is this possible?

I have set on multi-row processing so I can highlight more than one row but when I double click it only puts a tick in the first row.

Hope that makes sense!



Legendary Poster
We used the 'Set Grid Row Bitmap' System Function on two buttons "Select" & "De-Select". The Button Clicked Events are:
1. Select: Set Grid Row Bitmap(FC Grid, <Currently Selected Row>, <Check Mark>)
2. De-Select: Set Grid Row Bitmap(FC Grid, <Currently Selected Row>, <Blank/Clear>)