There has been a problem with the server


Hello List,

We just recently upgraded to Xe, SP 14.1, NT 4.0 with SQL 7.0 and
We are having some issues with an error message that I have never seen
before. It is:

"There is a problem with the server. You must exit this application all the
way to the menu and restart it."

When we receive this, we also receive an error message on the Enterprise
server related to the jdenet for the application. If we OK the message,
things seem to go back to normal. It happens with PO and SO entry and PO
receiving and only in our Terminal server environment. It only happens
about 2 times a day. But when it does, users cannot log in and get a
security server error until I do OK the message. Just curious to see if
anyone else has seen this message before and if so, Do you know what causes
it? Any info would be welcome!

Kerri L. Lange
Systems Analyst
Hub One Logistics <>


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Yes we are getting the same error. This only happend after we applied the ESU 12735 and the environments that doesnt have this ESU, the application works fine.Seems to be a jdenet error.
Will building a full package help?.
Any ideas/ suggestions?.


AS400 V4R5 XE SP16.1 TSE Citrix Metaframe XP (50 users)