Text File Creation in WTS



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Hi, everybody

I have a problem creating text file in WTS folder when running the program in WTS environment. Here are the scenerio.

1) When the report is submitted locally using Fat Client, the Biz Function B4700230 (Delete or Copy Flat File) is able to create a text file in WTS folder base on Path specified in processing option.

2) When the report is submitted locally in WTS environment, the report fail to create any text file in WTS folder. It looks like the Biz Function is not working in WTS environment.

3) I believe there is no authority or security concern for WTS folder itself since I'm able to create the text file using the same ID.

Anyone has a hint?

FYI, I'm working in OneWorld Xe with SP 15.


Nicholas Cheng
JDE OneWorld Tools Consultant
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