Terminal Server W2K


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When using Terminal server Windows 2000 sometimes when someone ends their Terminal server session (not just ending oneworld) 1 CPU locks up and is no longer visible to W2K (The system does not even see the processor) we have applied SP2 to W2K and no citrix is installed. The machine must have a hard reset to recoveR.

It is not hardware as we have installed it on two servers and they are both the same.

Any ideas

W2K TS Multi Processor, NT Deployment server.

Xe SP15 Update1 applied AS400 V4R4 DB2, World A73 Cum 11 00X2


We are running W2K TSE with Citrix on multiple processor boxes and haven't seen anything like this. How are you determining that you lost one processor? Is there any info in Event Viewer? How old or new are the servers? Did this problem just appear? You might want to double check the HAL version to make sure its up todate and look for TSE related articles.

XE SP15, Oracle 8.1.6 on W2K,Citrix/W2K, NT 4.0