Anyone running JDE E1 V9 TR on iSeries power 8 V7R1 with latest OS CUMS?


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Anybody out there running EnterpriseOne V9.0.2 (fin, procurement, HR/Pay) and a version of tools release on iSeries power 8 (814) V7R1? Have you loaded any of the latest IBM OS CUMs? Any issues?

We have an older iSeries (520 power 5 processors) on V7R1 CUMS from 2013 running EnterpriseOne V9.0.2 TR and we are migrating to a new 814 model power 8 iSeries server. But, we learned that we need to load the latest OS CUMs on the new server before we can restore JDE EntepriseOne to it. We also need to load technology upgrade MF99007 for PTF MF57582 for QEDD software (replacing iTera) on the 520 servers (primary and target). I have found a few Oracle documents on issues with PTFs on V7R1 that concern me as well as any new issues we might experience loading lots of new PTFs and the new hardware.

I am concerned with loading newer CUMs and Groups on the 520’s with the older tools release and/or loading latest CUMS on the new power 8 server. If there are OS/JDE issues, Oracle is not going to fix, but tell us to upgrade to 9.1.x, which we would need considerable time to do.

I am thinking the safest path is to do the tools release upgrade first, before we load latest CUMs and QEDD and migrate to the new hardware. But, business analysts won’t have time until next spring (past year end and W2s, etc.) and we hoped to be off the old hardware by end of November.

Anyone done this recently and have any recommendations or options?



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FWIW, this is your business your talking about. I'd definitely upgrade to 9.1 before going to the new machine. The main reason is that once a significant number of transactions are entered in the new system, you are effectively live and can't go back. Without support from Oracle your SOL.

Just one mans opinion.