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Terminal Server for Administration

Does anyone know of a 'fix' to allow remote use of OneWorld tools (package
builds, UTB, etc) on a W2K server with terminal services installed for
administrative use. WTS runs soooo much better than PCAnywhere, it would be
a shame not to be able to take advantage of it.



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Re: RE: Terminal Server for Administration

I can't build packages on SP15, if that's what Bob was talking about. I get some message saying package builds can't be done on a TS, and please don't try it again.

Is SAR 5123173 addressing this issue or a slightly different one? It seems different to me.

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I would strongly recommend NOT using a Terminal Server to run the tools - however, you can still take advantage of Citrix ICA to run your development - I describe how to use VNC in a Citrix Session on my Website.

What you need to do is install a development workstation with VNC Server software (its a little like PC Anywhere - but a lot better, and much more server based than client based and it works under Citrix unlike PC Anywhere) - then use the VNCVIEWER.EXE in a Citrix session to control the development workstation.

Between the Development Workstation and the Citrix box you'll be using VNC which is high traffic - just like PC Anywhere - but it will be on a LAN, so it doesn't matter too much. However, between your local workstation and the Citrix box - you'll be using ICA to ensure that the traffic is low and response time is high !

I love helping to remotely administer OneWorld systems using the above architecture - I can pretty much do any task in the Citrix session including package builds !

By the way - VNC out to the internet isn't too bad either - better than PC Anywhere - and I have a Palm V with Wireless internet access so I can launch package builds from the airport !

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