TC Input Path on UNIX


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I have successfully used Table Conversion to select a flat file residing on a
Windows operating system.

I now have to write a table conversion to select a flat file which resides on a
Unix Box (The Enterprise Server)

I don't think I can use the same type of windows path structure for the input in
my Table Conversion Wizard.

Any Ideas on how to use flat files stored in UNIX as my input to Table

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We use TC with the same path structure for Windows and Unix. You have to
make sure that the directory structure is the same under Windows and Unix.
For example: I create the path on my D: drive (Windows)
D:\home\accrec\ftp\in\filename.ext. On the Unix box the same path exists.
When you code the TC specify the input path with forward slashes
/home/accrec/ftp/in/filename.ext. When running this locally Windows
interpret the forward slashes correctly. Works on the Unix box with the
forward slashes.

Remember that if you change the input file in a TC you loose your mappings.
Hope this helps