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Re: Multiple Company Security

1) If company consolidations aren't a primary concern then I would think about
creating the new company in its own environment (Business Data). You can
also decide whether you need or want to maintain seperate versions, central
object, control tables.

Even if you need to do consolidations this could work but you will need to
import the consolidation numbers from one environment to another.

2) Using a VPN connection to connect to Terminal Server Clients will work
extremely well however you need to keep in mind the bandwith requirements, the
number of total users may require multiple Terminal Servers.

3) The consultant was right about object checkouts they are agonizingly slow
outside the LAN.
If the remote company requires development access I would consider
connecting throught the VPN and using Control-IT or PCAnywhere to connect to
a development machine you set up for them.

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Hello list,

We are One World B733.2 and have SQL 7 running on NT. We also have Citrix
up and running and are using it internally. We are currently running AP/PO
and General Ledger. We are about to put another company up on JDE which
would be remote. We would like this company to only see their information
on the system. We would be T1 to the internet and this remote company would
be DSL to the internet. We would be connecting the two companies using VPN.
We were told by a consultant that this type of connection would be extremely
slow. We were told that the checking in and checking out could take up to
one half hour if not more. We were also told that security by business unit
would also slow the system down in both locations.

Any suggestions at all would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you
Carla Lyons
Sargent Manufacturing

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RE: Multiple Company Security

It also works quite well to consider a Workgroup Server. It's
a little more of a replication mgmt. situation; however, you
trade off with not needing any TSE's, Fat-client Development
machines and the resulting mgmt. of the same.