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RE:using AND and OR


Here's my two cents...

It seems that the 'OR' only works to seperate groupings of 'AND'

Zoltan is right in that OneWorld will require a much longer set of

Following is my OneWorld Data Selection interpretation of your request..
where (((fieldA = value1 or fieldB = value2) and
(fieldC > value3 and fieldD < value4)) or
((fieldA = value5 or fieldB = value6) and
(fieldC > value7 and fieldD < value8)))


Where FieldA = value1
AND FieldC gt value3
AND FieldD lt value4
OR FieldB = value2
AND FieldC gt value3
AND FieldD lt value4
OR FieldA = value5
AND FieldC gt value7
AND FieldD lt value8
OR FieldB = value6
AND FieldC gt value7
AND FieldD lt value8

Hope this makes some kind of sense....

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Hi Sean,

At first, thanks for your two cents.
You are right that "that the 'OR' only works to seperate groupings 'AND' statements..." in OneWorld Selections and IF statements.

It seems to me that your example a bit complicated, so I haven't started to verify it (I suppose, it is surely right).

Let me give a bit simplified Boolean algebra lesson:

Notations will be:
Ar1, Br2, ... means: "A","B" - are any Field or left operand of a relation, 'r' - is any relatinal opreand like "euqual", "greather than" etc., 1,2 - is any value or a right operand of a relation

For example:
Ar1 could be: FC AddressNumber "is less than" 1000
The "rule":
AND and OR logical operands in Boolean algebra works the same way like "multiplication" and "addition" operands in mathematic algebra.
The "target":
We have to decompose complicated logical expression to a "normal form" where relations are groupped by AND operands and these "AND" blocks are concatenated with "OR" operands.
The basic step to decompose an OR:
(Ar1 OR Br2) AND Cr3
is in normal form (decomposed):
(Ar1 AND Cr3) OR (Br2 AND Cr3) in mathematic:
(A + B) * C = A*C + B*C
A bit complicated example:
(Ar1 OR Br2) AND (Cr3 OR Dr4)
1st step to decompose:
(Ar1 AND (Cr3 OR Dr4)) OR (Br2 AND (Cr3 OR Dr4))
2nd step and final normal form:
(Ar1 AND Cr3) OR (Ar1 AND Dr4) OR (Br2 AND Cr3) OR (Br2 AND Dr4) in mathematic:
(A + B) * (C + D) = A*C + A*D + B*C + B*D
You can substitute Ar1,Br2...Dr4 in the examples with any "AND concatenated blocks, like:
((Ar1 AND Br2 AND Cr3) OR Dr4 ) AND Er5
in normal form is:
((Ar1 AND Br2 AND Cr3 AND Er5) OR (Dr4 AND Er5) in mathematic:
((A*B*C) + D) * E = A*B*C*E + D*E
P.S.: I used the parentheses in the NORMAL FORMs just to indicate the "AND" blocks.

It were my two cents, maybe could be a some of help for somebody,


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