Tax calculation


When i make an invoice with 100 Bs. ( Local money ), This generate a line with 11.5 Bs. ( Tax is 13 % ) an another with 88.5 Bs. ( Net Amount ).
Now i'm working with US$ invoices, whne i create an invoice with US$ 100 , This generate a line with US$ 13 and another line with US$ 100.
Wher can i set the system to make US$ invoices work like Bs. invoices ?

Thank you

Javier Calderon
WS 7.3 cum 10

Javier Calderón
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Soboce S.A.


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Hmmm, are you using a different tax explanation code for local money
(customers)? I have not seen a tax explanation code this way. Is it
possible the local money invoice is entered differently than a US dollar
invoice? In theory you can key in the gross and taxable amounts on data
entry and override system calculated values. Two things to consider. Hope
this helps some.

John Dickey
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