Receipient Created Tax Invoices (RCTI)

David Bowes

Recipient Created Tax Invoices (RCTI)

I am trying to work out how to deal with when a customer of ours wants to generate an RCTI (effectively they create an invoice for the goods/services that we supply).

This is the opposite of using Evaluated Receipts to generate a supplier invoice in Accounts Payable.
Our customer wants us to stop sending them invoices and instead they will generate an RCTI, which they will then quote when paying us.

My thoughts are that we would use sales orders with an extra Next Status Code and update the status and customer reference with their RCTI number and date when we have it, before processing through the sales update. But I'm not sure about how to handle discrepancies - when their RCTI value is different to what are order value is.

Anyone had any experience with RCTIs?
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