Table Conversions


Have anybody run Table Conversions in the Enterprise server, Any setup has
to be done ?? There is no reference about that in the KG. Any Ideas ?


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We interface OneWorld to 5 other foreign database systems (in all 4
environments). Many of the jobs run as table conversions. All Tables
conversions can run either on the Enterprise server or on the client
workstation. I had to do a significant amount of setup in order for these
TC's to run.

OneWorld environment. So essentially I had to create 5 x 4 = 20 new
environments. This may seem like a big waste of time but remember OneWorld
only allows for one DEFAULT OCM for each environment so the alternative was
to add an OCM for each table in the foreign database that OneWorld accesses
- I don't think so.

Table Conversion but not how to set up OneWorld.

There is a JDE document on how to set this up foreign datasources, however
they leave out several important details that create much headache later.
Let me know your system details if you need any more info. Each system is
uniquely different (ie, for Oracle you need to change tnsnames.ora and for
SQL you need to configure ODBC) so without more info that's about all I can


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