System created SO lines


We entered a sales order and accepted it. Single line, foreign currency on a customer with a template setup but not used for this entry.
We changed the extended price, accepted the change and re-enquired. THERE ARE 2 LINES! Line 1 & Line 2, identical apart from the extended (& unit) price. It was like a before and after shot, one with each price.

Cannot reproduce consistently,

Nothing on KG.

Also happened with multiline orders (<75 lines) where some lines (4-5) were stripped of their lot numbers entered at SO entry, and duplicated (with lot numbers) at the end of the order!

Anybody seen anything like this before?

B7332 SP 15.1

Larry: Could you share your fix? In summary, what did you change?

We have seen similar behavior at 2 different sites when dates, etc. are edited - new lines appear out of nowhere. This is very dangerous because if undetected, they go to MRP for materials purchase.



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Mr. Bigglesworth,

Sorry - turns out our fix was directly related to multiple lines and other problems caused when selecting the Kit / Configurator row exit multiple times on the same SO Line (without first exiting and saving SO). I thought we had a related issue with Advanced Pricing but I can't find any documentation on it.

The XE fix to correct the Kit / Configurator problem is as follows:
Form: W4210A
Hidden Field: Kit and Configurator Processing
Event: Button Clicked

Before the line: Call(App: P41351 , Form: W41351A)
add the below line:
VA grd_LINN_From_Line_Number = "."
This corrected our issue. As stated though we are on XE, Update 1 not B7332.

Larry Jones
[email protected]
OneWorld XE, SP 15.1
HPUX 11, Oracle SE 8.1.6
Mfg, Distribution, Financials


We are experiencing the same thing with our sales orders. Mainly when we are adding other order costs to our Direct SD orders through the use of order templates we get "cloned" D lines. But it seems to be tied to making certain changes to an order.

We have been able to reproduce this at will and in Pristine though JDE Denver still can't.

We believe this is a cache issue. It seems to depend on where the cursor is before doing something like FORM exit to order templates to bring in other lines.

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We are having an issue with sales order entry creating duplicate lines. We are not using templates or SD orders, and are on XE Update 4. On adds and changes to sales orders, the system sometimes arbitrarily creates a new line that is a duplicate(except for the line number)of the line you were changing. The old line stays as is, and the new line has your changes. We have been unable to reproduce on demand. We have been trying to troubleshoot this for awhile without luck.


We are having the same issue, also not using templates. It appears to be related to server speed, as it seems to occur more often when the enterprise server is bogged down by heavy DB I/O. However, it does not happen regularly enough to be sure.

Ours most often happens when the extended cost is overridden.


Do you have a call open with JDE? We applied the ESU that splits the P4210 business functions, and Update 6 at their request to see if it would solve the issue. It did not. Development has asked us to send them copies of our business functions so they can compare.


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Thank you for your response on the duplication of order detail line in
P4210. We do not have a call open on this issue. But have tagged on to an
open call from another client - call # 5084295.

We are on XE update 3, SP18, DB2/400, AS400