Suppress Section Write with BI Publisher


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Hello Board

Im looking for strategies for handling Suppress Section Write issue I am facing in my BI Publisher output. There are certain cases where I do not want to print information on my document so I have used Suppress Section Write in my UBE. The information is not printing however i still have a space on the document where the information would have been. Does anyone have some suggestions on how to hide the information PLUS avoiding the space on the document also.

Much appreciated

That's probably happening because the XML sequence still saw the section break, so it attempted to write that section, which might have contained a few spaces.

I've done a few things to contain unwanted spacing output. The simplest is to wrap that entire section (at the very top, where it starts) in an IF statement, with the condition being a field that is normally always there when you want it to print, but absent when you don't. This is very similar to using conditional sections, where you're using conditions to call a sub-section.
I will suggest using XML tags even for Hard Coded stuff in your template. Use <if> to control or hide your fields in BIP.