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I'm not a expert developper so I need some help.
What can I do with my very simple report for stopping de report and do the total, if the date of the document is higher than the user put in the PO ?

Sorry with my english but I'm french people.

Thanks for your help !!

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Christian Audet

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Bonjour Suzanne,

In your report go to your main section, in the event rules go to initialize section event and put Event Rules similar to this :

jdDateToday = date_today()

if PO date > jdDateToday
Stop Batch Processing <--- (System Function)

If you only need to stop one section and need the rest of the report to run then use "Stop Section Processing".

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Bonjour Suzanne,

I am not exactly sure what your issue is, but unless I fully misinterpreted your question, it sounds like you wish to either prevent data selection based on a PO or output based on PO.

In the first case you can include in your data selection criteria (after attaching your Processing Option template) something like

Where 'BC Date for G/L' is less than or equal to 'PO Date'

In the second case you can include an Event rule similar to:

If 'BC Date for G/L' is less than or equal to 'PO Date'
Suppress Section Write


If 'BC Date for G/L' is less than or equal to 'PO Date'
Hide Object (RV xxx)
Show Object (RV xxx)

I hope this will help somewhat. If not, could you pls post a little bit more detail on your issue.

Bon chance,

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