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ST/OT Transfer Price


We are using average cost so the unit cost of items changes often. To deal with this I have set the P42950 "Update Sales Price/Cost to run with the P42800 "Update Customer Sales". I am unable to get the unit price on the ST order to update to match the unit cost. I have set P42950 processing option 5 to recalculate the transfer price but the price is still not adjusted to match the unit cost. Has anyone experience with getting this to work? Any guidence here would be greatly apreciated.

Mike Mackinnon

Well Known Member
Are you manually updating/entering the unit price? If you are then a flag is set indicating that the price has been manually entered and the R42950 will not change the unit price.
I think the field is SDPROV in the F4211??

We run the R42950 and it works well but we use pricing to calculate the unit prices so that the user does not enter them as JDE does the auto-calculation.