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ST-OT - Landed/Freight cost on OT from the shipment for ST?


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Hi all!

We're looking at a business process for a customer where the customer replenishes terminals/warehouses from manufacturing plants. The cost of the goods in mfg plants is std cost (07)
In the terminals, they want to define the cost by lot and use the std cost + freight charges from the ST/OT + some additional (fxed) components. (They will be using product cost detail)

So cost in mfg branch is (simplified)
- Production cost
- Raw material cost

This cost is defined on product level. They will not actually run manufacturing in JDE, the costs above are revised once every 3 months

Cost in terminal branch is
- Production cost
- Raw material cost
- Terminal cost (fixed for a year)
- Cost of transportation from mfg branch) *

This cost should be defined on lot level as the transportation costs vary (base on fuel prices etc.)

* Cost of transportation is held on the shipment of the ST (shipment freight charges) The Shipments need to be planned from the mfg site and they will be building loads so we can not use inbound transportation (Well, we *could* but would then have to maintain freight charges on the inbound and the outboud shipment)

I was thinking a modification to update landed costs or the cost components in the terminal branch based on the ST shipment after a certain status.

I would be glad for any any pointers/ideas

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Hi Aarto,

We are facing similar issue. We need to add Fright cost into Item Inventory cost after ST/OT from Mfg. plant to Distribution B/P and business wants to add the freight charge with Std. cost to get true cost. We are using Std. Cost and also we use transportation for Freight/carrier cost setup.

Any help is appreciated.

JDE 9.2