SQL7 Service Pack 3


JDE now lists SQL Server 7 at SP3 as part of their minimum technical
requirements for OneWorld B7332 and Xe. We're currently at SQL7 SP2 with Hot
Fix 851. Technical support cannot seem to give us any compelling reasons for
upgrading our database to SP3 although we are considering doing so if for no
other reason than to ensure their continued support. Has anyone experienced
any negative/positive effects from this service pack level upgrade?

Tim Brandley
QNX Software Systems Ltd., Canada
Live: B7332 SP11.3
Testing: B7333 Xe DV7333 SP15 Update1
NT4/SQL7 SP2 with HotFix 851


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I have put this service pack on two SQL-based OneWorld installations with no ill effects. SP3 includes the hotfix 851 updates as well as some fixes for Data Transformation Services (DTS). This seems to be one of those rare Microsoft service packs that goes in clean.


Justin Miller

working with B7332 and XE on AS/400, NT, Solaris and AIX


I agree with the no ill effects. I needed the SP3 for SQL 7.0 to clear up
some SQL DTS (Data Transformation Services) issues, when using SQL DTS to
load the Siebel EIM (Enterprise Integration Mgt.) tables from JDE to import
data for the Siebel DB. Although the SP3 was not directly applied for JDE,
we did not experience any problems.

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Eric E. Clark
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Ditto here with the SQL7 service pack 3. We have been running SP3 for
months now without any problems or issues.


Xe, Sp14.2, NT/SP6a, SQL7/SP3, Metaframe 1.8
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When I installed sp 3 for SQL 7 it went very smooth. The only problem I've
had so far is my maintenance plan isn't running correctly. I just recreated
it so we'll see what happens.

Xe sp13 - SQL 7 sp3 - NT 4 sp6a

Justin Walker
Systems Administrator
Colorado Christian University