Splitting configured work orders



I'm hoping there may be someone out there who has run across the same situation we are in. We are in the middle of an XE implementation in which we are using the Sales Configurator to build our sales order and then generate the WO. It is normal in our legacy process today to "split" a large sales order related work order into several smaller work orders. Each split maintains a direct relationship to the parent work order. Because of requirements for our industry we must document and maintain each split as a unique work order while maintaining traceability to the sales order line.

It appears that OneWorld does not have a facility for splitting work orders. We have tried "copying" which is crude, prone to errors with downstream splits (issued part lists get messy when trying to divy up quantities) and loses the relationship to the sales line so that the copy doesn't update the sales line on completion. It also shows the copy as available inventory after work order repost which will run in batch each day.

JDE tells us it can't be done. I find it very hard to believe nobody else has run into this before. Does anyone have experience with a similar situation?


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