Special Last Page page break for Invoice


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Hi BIP Gurus,

I need help with the following.

I have an Invoice with:
a header that take 1/3 of the page,
a body that can be 1 line to many pages long,
a totals area that can be 2 to 6 lines long.

The client wants the totals area to not split across pages and wants the total area to fall right after the last entry in the body.

When I create a last page (using the <?start@last-page-first:body?><?end body?> code) the totals area becomes a footer and prints at the bottom of the page (not meeting the requirement for the totals area to fall right after the last entry in the body.

When I create a line counter and explicitly call a page break after reaching - say 12 lines - because the For-each is inside a table with borders, the first line after the page break is always a blank row of cells - which is unwanted.

Also, my line counter isn't accurate because some of the time the Description can wrap or the Extended Description can wrap or both causing a single row of the body to really be anywhere from 2 to 6 lines.

It would be great if: A) I could tell when a second page has started and reset my counter to 0, or B) had a function that tells me how many lines are on the current page, or C) tells me how much room is left on the page, or D) I could designate the footer to not be at the bottom of the page and take the next space available AND not split across pages.

All suggestions are welcome!

Ben again,
Hey Ben,

I'm pretty new to this stuff so I am coming from a place of not much experience. With that said, are the lines of your body in a table? If so, you can dedicate lines in the table after the for-each and mark the beginning of the new lines with <?table-footer?>. That will force those rows to only print after all the detail lines in your body. I am not sure how you can keep the table footer from not splitting across pages.

I have only used MS Word to create .rtf templates. You can change the table row properties to not 'Allow row to break across pages' and see if that setting will translate to the final BI output.

Good luck and let us know how you solve it because I can use all the knowledge I can get on this stuff.
Thanks Jeremy,

Not sure how I missed your response until now. I suppose I could try marking the footer like you say.... I know that putting it in the footer puts it down at the bottom automatically. Also, the break across pages feature is a known issue for BI templates (the fact that it DOESN'T work).