SP16 and SAW


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I have experienced a new issue since I have applied SP16. Since SP16 was
applied, SAW is not working properly anymore. I have checked port numbers,
pinged servers, etc. The error is :


I have looked on the knowledge garden and the only thing I see is
SAR#4904058, but I don't think that looks dead-on with our issue. Has anyone
else had problems with SAW after applying SP16? I have just logged an issue
with JDE, but haven't heard back yet...


Xe, SP16, Update2, NT, SQL7, WTS/Metaframe 1.8

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We also have problems now with SAW and SP16. Server logs have the message:

ipcStoreHandle failed, IPCSRV might not be registered correctly. Run IPCSRV /RegServer

running this as indicated makes no improvement.
Server debug logs also indicate that a message (or message queue) is too short.

We are running multiple OneWorld foundations and now find that SAW at BOTH SP levels fails to function.
Ironically SAW SP11 was previously working and SAW SP16 did work for a few hours after first installed - since then nothing on either SP. Have restarted all services. Short of rebooting the server or possibly re-installling (both out-of-the-question as we are 24x7) there doesn't seem to be any solution.

Tony St. Pierre
B7332 SP11->16, SQL7->SQL2000
We had the "IPCSRV might not be registered correctly. Run IPCSRV
/RegServer" error after deleting the SYSTEM\BIN directory during a SP

IPCSRV was pointing to the recycle bin and running "IPCSRV /RegServer" from
systems\bin corrected the problem.