SO Header-Detail Conversions Out of Sync!


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Dear JDEList Developers,
In the process of uploading Sales Orders into the Header F4001Z & Detail F4011Z tables, their EDOC-EDIDocumentNumber field key gets out of sync! To be more precise,
a) when I'm converting the Header F4001Z, I grab the Next Sales Order Number (using the business function F0002 Get F4201 Next Number)
b) On the other hand, when converting the Detail F4011Z, EDOC keeps (old) sequenced values.

Apart from creating new indices on F4001Z & F4011Z with the URAB-UserReservedNumber field (the old Access key), and then using the table I/O Update on a business view that has the two tables joined on URAB ... and so on and so far ...
IS THERE ANOTHER (hope not only faster but more elegant, too) WAY to successfully update the Detail's EDOC (and DOCO, too) fields with the Header's EDOC value?
PS I want to do that in JDE all the time (currently this is done with ... hum ... an Update Query in Access).
Thank you,
Adrian Chimirel
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