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Header less Detail Form Update Issue


I am developing one application having header less detail form which is called by find browser form. Grid of the form is not a part of business view, it is used to display the records from another table based on field values (User Entry). when i add the record in the table, it is entered correctly (Only one record at the time) but when i want to update the existing record, then it is enter n no of records (Records present in GRID).
Can you help me what i will to do?

Thanks in advance!


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To be honest , did not understand what you are trying to do here . Both your forms can only have one business view . It is not header detail where grid can have separate business view than the form . Yes , it is possible your grid has no BSVW columns and all are DD items and you are using say insert Grid buffer to insert onto grid .

Now you want to add and update , right . The best thing is in events like - Add rec to DB before and Update rec to DB before , write the system function " Suppress ADD " and "Suppress Update " respectively . Then , if the target is different than business view , write insert and update as needed using table IO or NER having table IO .

Hope this helps from what I understood of the problem statement