SM Agent Move to (iSeries)



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I am in the middle of upgrading the Server manager instances from to in preparation of the Tools Upgrade. I have installed a new server for SM Console on WAS (since our SM console was on OH4A).

My question is particularly for the iSeries Enterprise Server Agent which I want to re-install rather than update. This is to avoid the JMX security and other stuffs. In this scenario what is the best approach I should take?

I am thinking ..

1. Install a new SM Agent on the iSeries.
2. Move the targets.xml files from the existing to this new Agent installation.
3. Stop the existing Agent
4. Restart the new Agent. At this point I am assuming the existing Enterprise Server instance should show up on the new SM Console. Correct?

5. Remove the instance from the old SM Console.

Am I missing any step here?

Thank you,

TR9.1.5.5 upgrade to
iSeries V7R1
SM Console WAS 8.5.5