Sleeper performance - hope this helps


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An interesting problem you have raised. The answer to your query about
performance issues with Sleeper is that the problem is not with Sleeper.
All Sleeper does is submit jobs according to your (ie users including IT)
specifications, it doesn't monitor submitted jobs and therefore has no
impact on your job.

The cause of your problem has to lie with either the set-ups for submitting
jobs from Sleeper and/or the way in which you have configured your
subsystems, jobqueues, memory pools etc. Some quick points for you to

Is the queue you are using multi threaded and if so what other jobs from
that queue are trying to execute at the same time ?
What other jobs from other queues are executing at the same time?.
(What you may have is a file contention problem with several "heavy" usage
batch jobs accessing the same file at the same time)

Do you reallocate *INTERACT memory to *BASE before commencing overnight
processing and then revert back after over night processing?
Is auto performance adjustment running and if so what is the frequency for
system value QPFRADJ ?
(what may be happening is that memory assigned to *INTERACT which is usually
quite large to meet demands for users during the day but at night when lots
of big batch processes are running, *BASE memory is too small)

Might I suggest you seek some professional advice on AS/400 tuning from your
preferred support organisation, or IBM direct. Make sure the person(s)
assigned have a proven track record in performance tuning for the AS/400.
It really shouldn't take long to find out what the problem is!. It will
take a little while to determine what the optimal tunined set up should be!.

Regards...... Colin HUGILL

Colin Hugill