E9.2 Simple Set User Selection - From Date To Date - DEMO

Carlos Ross

Hello, I would like to make a simple data selection through two OPs. I would like to; "Take the invoices between these dates".

I created the Data Structure and created two variables jdDateInvoiceFrom and jdDateInvoiceTo.
In the initialization section I wrote:

Set Selection Append Flag (<Yes>)
Set User Selection (BC Date - Invoice (F42119) (IVD), <Greater Than or Equal To>, PO jdDateInvoiceFrom, <And>)
Set User Selection (BC Date - Invoice (F42119) (IVD), <Less Than or Equal To>, PO jdDateInvoiceTo, <And>)

I tried various combinations between AND, OR and NONE but the result is always the same:
No Data Selected
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would you please check if there are any existing selections getting applied along with the PO selections,. possibly that would be making a no data selection with the PO date range.

Mike Mackinnon

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You can also check in submitted jobs (Execution Detail) to see the SQL that gets generated for your UBE. This depends upon what JDE installation you are on (plug for including your system information in your signature!).
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