E9.2 Simple Lots

Mike Mackinnon

Mike Mackinnon

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Is anyone familiar with simple lots or using simple lots?

I head that you can use simple lots when entering multiple receipts of on a purchase order when receiving multiple serial numbers on a purchase order line. We have a situation where we have our SD/OD process and receive serialized items on SD/OD line but do not want to individually receive each and every serial number separately splitting the line for each receipt.

What I think I am asking is there a way we can receive like a quantity of 500.00 then have the lot serials entered for this receipt afterward that relate to this SD/OD line to make keying (and possible returns!) much easier for data entry.

Hi There.. Have a look at this thread

I have looked at this previously. I am not sure if this will work as I think we need some kind of integration. I was looking at the P4220 program and testing how this works. I suppose we could still pull them in via our custom invoice printing with BIP (need to show serials!).

I'm also not sure it would work at time of ship confirm but will give it another testing go-round.