purchase order receipt

  1. Karzmo

    E9.2 PO Receipt to Different Branch From PO

    Hi, Does it cause any issues if you receipt a PO to a different depot to the one the original PO was raised against? Scenario is stock that could take months to arrive needs to go to a different depot when it finally lands. Any suggestions if you can't do this in standard JDE? Thanks Karen
  2. Mike Mackinnon

    E9.2 Simple Lots

    Is anyone familiar with simple lots or using simple lots? I head that you can use simple lots when entering multiple receipts of on a purchase order when receiving multiple serial numbers on a purchase order line. We have a situation where we have our SD/OD process and receive serialized items...
  3. N/A Mistakely cancelled PO line

    Hello Dear Everybody, I am new in JDE applications and will pleased to be develop me in this ERP. Could you please let me know if we cancelled a PO line by mistake, is there a way to bring back cancelled line? We use 2 ways to cancel the line; 1. Directly in Purchase order (P5843IWW) 2...
  4. Mike Mackinnon

    P4312 - NO Purchase Order Lines Showing for Receiving

    We just applied an ESU and having issues with PO receipts program. When the users try to find a purchase order to receive NOTHING is showing up for receiving. Even if we leave the filter fields blank we cannot find any Purchase Orders to receive. We have checked the process options and...
  5. PO Receipt Option Default

    Do any of you know if there is a way to be able to default a blank receipt option so users are required to add a receipt option rather than defaulting to all lines received?