Ship to, Sold to


Hi guys,

I'm new to JDE, I was wondering if someone would be able to explain how JDE decides what "ship to" and "sold to" appears on sales order ?

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Two ways:
1.) What the user enters into the fields.
2.) Address book setup - this can allow you to default one of the values based upon setup of that address book that you entered.
* For example, set up address 123 with a parent address of 456. When you enter the ship to address of "123" on sales order, the number "456" will default into sold-to field (upon clicking OK on screen).

JDE does not really "decide" what goes into the field as it depends upon what you enter in combination with how you setup address book.
JDE uses the Customer Master Billing Information fields "Billing Address Type" and "Related Address Num". The latter field refers to the Related Address tab in the Address Book Revision application.
I also have to face the same problem about the JDE decide, but thanks for sharing the information,if you have any other ideas or tips please keep sharing.