Secure FTP (SFTP) on iSeries


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Years ago I built a script that FTPs from the iSeries.

That was YEARS Ago.

Has Oracle made it any easier to sftp or FTPS from the iSeries?

... asking for a Dan... =D

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Not that I've found.

We implemented on 9.1 with iSeries and used CLPs and text files, just like World and RPG/CLP days.
We were hoping 9.2 would offer something new, but not looking like it. For SFTP we are moving to a network shared folder and having our Web dev team write scripts to SFTP from network.

I know I'm not helping, just co-miserating.....


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Oracle has not nor would I expect them to make it easier to use SFTP as this function is more a function of the OS. The ISeries is very capable of doing SFTP you would just have to be able to write some complex scripts to handle the various types of connections. There are several product available for the Iseries to help make it easier such as or I have used arpeggio before and is very cheap and easy to use. Just sharing ideas and past lessons.


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Thanks everyone!

The Scripts were written within the OS - passing in parameters.

The OS, really, is where the SFTP should remain.

And, again - Thanks!