E9.1 Schedule jobs not triggered


We are using JDE scheduler to schedule the jobs. There are some jobs scheduled(Period mode(42)) to run by period(run once in a month), which didn't launch after 5 months of launching , completing. There are no entries of scheduled in Scheduler application . Jobs triggered fine till May 2020 end . As we can see the screenshots, jobs launched and triggered till May month end . After that no entry of June month and onward. Please see the screenshot of Period wise schedule .We are using Mountain Standard time(scheduler version). Are we scheduling to wrong ? or We could have required to redefine scheduling again after May end?


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John Snow,

We had an issue like that with one particular standard UBE. In the finish we used the runube command in a script and scheduled it using CRONTAB on the enterprise server.


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We have some jobs like that and have not run into issue . We run into issues with jde scheduler when daylight savings changes , some jobs mess around that , but not this case . I am sure you have , but couple of things to try - try checking if this scheduler instance is active and not deactivated by any chance . Your calendar in date fiscal patterns is updated . Try removing this entry and creating new one from scratch to see if that works


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We have an issue on jde 9.2 with TR 9.4.X. recurring scheduled jobs are not launched after you have a time change. In our case we have the summer time and in march we go 1 hour up. We saw that all recurring jobs which are submitted every hour or shorter were not working after the time change. I created a SR and now there are bugs identified. There are some issues with it. bug number BUG 31582470 Bug 31573579.

In our case we had to manually change the scheduled jobs again to have them scheduled again.
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Anything in the scheduler kernel logs?

Otherwise, as a workaround: Can you set up a version to a specific company and just let that one run via "monthly"?
I have just run into a similar situation with jobs scheduled by period. I have one that runs on the first Monday of each period and it ran find from August 2020 through January 2021 but did not run on the first Monday of the February 2021 period.

Can anyone tell me what calendar it is using to determine period beginning and end dates? My thought is that this might need to be setup for the company number I have specified.