Sales orders move to status 982/999 during Stock Commitment


Hi All,

Apologies if you have seen this one before under different heading; We are having great difficulties with a commitment issue and I was hoping someone could shine a light on this issue for me.

We process (and have been for approx five years) the majority of our sales via Bar code scanners transmitted to the AS400 and into the F47011/F47012 interoperability files.

We then run the R47011 to create the Sales Order in the F4201/F4211. We also use a subsystem R42520 (Pick List Print) to perform the Hard commit and print the Pick Slips.

We do use the Preference Profile Inventory Commits across Business Units (P40306) which does add a layer of complexity but has not proved a problem in the past. The problem we are having (probably once per day) is that when as the R42520 picks up the SO records and the N4201360 performs the Hard Commit, the SO status is moved to 982/999 and the Pick Slip prints fails.

It is random event, we have not managed to tie it down to any specific customer, item, branch plant, location, lot number,…..

What happens to orders after the issues starts,

1. Orders for Customer that do allow back order stay at status 520/540 with BO qty = 0 and do not progress to status 540/545 and print the Pick List as expected.
2. Orders for Customer that does not allow back order are moved to status 982/999 regardless order quantity, quantity on hand, lot location and so on…

All subsequent orders that are processed by this subsystem Report (Pick List Print) follow this until we stop and start the sub system; when this I done everything goes back to normal.

All orders that were left at 520/540 do get processed as normal by our hourly pick report, thus proving it is not a data issue.

We have other subsystem Pick List Print reports that are running at the same time they do work fine. Also if the report is run manually it works fine.

Things we tried:

1. Redeployed the report and version to production.
2. Checked branch plant constants Vs item branch setup to confirm the correct commitments methods, all commitment methods values are set to 2.
3. Checked customer back order and shipment rules against correctly processed items and no difference was observed.
4. Ensured commitment profiles were set up correctly.
5. We check all inbound data in the interoperability files.

I would very much appreciate any opinions on this subject matter.

Many thanks,


AS400, OS400, V5R2M0
JDE, B7333, service pack 20, Revision 6