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Is there a possibility within JDE P4210 to have a particular Sales Order Type to have items be pulled in at cost only? So, unit price and cost would essentially be the same....again, this would be for a single Order Type...An example of this would be Transfer Orders (ST). But that cannot be used.

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If these are "normal" orders You could do with advanced pricing. If you use a separate version to enter these orders, you could use an override price schedule in P4210 processing options. If items at cost always have a separate customer, you just attached the price schedule to the customer master record
The price schedule would have one adjustment where price is overridden to 100% of the cost (in price schedule, you set this to be an override adjustment)

If you cannot use a separate version and the same customer can have both normal and at-cost prices and the only difference would be the order type, then you just add the order type override price with an adjustment using "order detail group". You define the order detail group with "Order type" value and add the adjustment for your order type . The adjustment would set the price to 100% of cost

But take note... If you are using transfer order functionality (P4210 processing option tab "Interbranch") then advanced pricing will not work and the prices are retrieved based on processing option in tab "process" option #11.
Blank = Use cost
1 = Use cost plus markup for price
2 = Use base price
You would just set the processing option to blank and it would use the cost (from supplying branch) as price on the order

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You could setup Price adjustment schedules (P4072) and have the calculation be (for formula):


You could setup the customer master record to reflect this markup so it defaults on sales line when entered using P4210/P42101.

Just thought I would input a suggestion.

* I think you would need up records for each UOM that you would be using though.