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RUNUBE problems


Hopefully someone can help
We currently have a development installation of OneWorld on a Server and the data files residing on an AS/400. We use the RUNUBE command to run UBEs from within CL programs. I noted from this forum the need to delete SQL packages which we do. THis all works fine on our development installation.
We have just taken this set up over to an identical live installation (OneWorld on a Server and data on an AS/400) and the weirdest thing happens. The RUNUBE command works on each alternate call! It literally will work, not work, work, not work etc for the same UBE and version.
I was worried it was something to do with the CL but even using the RUNUBE statement from the AS/400 command line yields the same result.
To me it has to be something to do with the "live" setup.
We are on SP16 Revision 2 on our Development Installation. I believe we are on a later release on the "live" machine but am not sure of the exact level.
We are on R4v3 on both AS/400s

Can anyone point me in some meaningful direction.
(PS: the installation has been audited by a JDE Engineer!)


We had the same problem and spent a lot of time with JDEdwards support on this. SP16 was suppose to fix this.

Try submitting the RUNUBE using
REPORT(R0006P) +

This seems to work for us.

OW XE SP 14.2,(SP16.0 in DV7333) AS/400 V4R5, Citrix
Donald Klink
The Vollrath Company, L.L.C.


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There have been some recent problems with RUNUBE command on the AS/400. You don't have your config in your signature so I'll assume your at a fairly recent SP.

For SP15.1 UBEs would not run properly with out the "one-offs".

For SP15.1 w/ OneOffs, you have to delete the SQL package called OWPKG before every RUNUBE in a CL.

For SP16.1, there is a problem that all UBEs use the same SQLPackage )(OWPKG). There was a one-off SP called SP16.1_006 to fix this problem.

For SP16.1 + OneOff SP16.1_006, you have to run the following command after each RUNUBE: RCLACTGRP ACTGRP(J1WACTGRP).

Best of luck. I will say a prayer for you and for the JDE OneWorld QC department.

JD Nowell
OW: B7332
ES: AS400 V4R4 CO: DB2/400 SP: 11.2
Users: 250 TSE Users: 100


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Thats funny JD. The litany of successive problems in this area would have me laughing if it didn't hurt so much that I'm crying instead. Woe is us :0[

Larry Jones
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There was a problem beginning at about SP15.1. After SP15.1 you have to
delete the OWPKG Sql Package after every RUNUBE command. I believe there is
another problem at SP16.1 where OWPKG is used by every OneWorld UBE that is
submitted. I believe there is a one-off SP at that level.

Please put your system config in your signature line.

JD Nowell
OW: B7332
ES: AS400 V4R4 CO: DB2/400 SP: 11.2
Users: 250 TSE Users: 100