runube problem


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I am trying to run a ube from the AS/400.

I do a runube and press F4 to prompt and fill out the parms.

I dies with the following message:

Runube: JDB_Initenvovr failed with Rcode = 0

Any suggestions on what the problem might be?



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This is the most useless error message in the world. I spent the last 2 days
trying to figure out why one of my scripts wouldn't kick off a UBE and it
was due to the wrong DB connection. It can also mean that the specs aren't
on the server so you might want to build a server package. It can also mean
that the user doesn't have rights to the environment that you are running
the UBE for. Hope this helps.

Mark Siebenschuh
HP9000/Oracle 8.0.5/B733 Base


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Yes I have spent most of the day finally finding that the password should be lower case not upper case.

Have you recently updated to SP14.1 ?

We did (finally !) have a scheduler that worked and a RUNUBE that worked
when we went to SP14 but
SP14.1 seems to have broken it again.

George D
Berri Limited

B7332 , Xe \Ent & CO on AS/400 V4R5 \ Metaframe 1.8

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