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Running Crystal Report from EnterpriseOne 8.10


Hi All,

I was wondering if it was possible to run Crystal Report from EnterpriseOne 8.10 by passing a parameter, such as a sales order number. If yes, how is it done?



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It IS possible to run specific Crystal Reports from JDE - say as a Row exit in Customer Service Inquiry and you pass a Sales Order # to the report as a parameter.

One way for fat clients is to wrap the Crystal runtime report viewer in VB or C# code or whatever you're comfortable with as a programming language. Your code can then take the SO# as a command line argument and pass it to the Crystal Report Viewer object. In E1 your Row Exit code would need to use the BSFN that lets you execute/run an external program - which would be the name of your little custom program. Net, net it can be done (we do it here) but you'll have to do some coding first.