Rookie Data Dictionary Item question - change DD Item name



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I have been doing JDE for some time but I think this is the first time I have needed to change a particular DD item attribute on a custom DD item.

We have a custom DD item for a custom module. We are now rewriting a big portion of that module but intend to use almost all of the custom constants tables and corresponding maintenance applications. Even the data stays the same. There is one DD item where the data stays the same in all the tables but needs to be "re-branded". I know I can safely change the row and column descriptions, but....

Can I safely change the DD item name (not the alias, but the name)? This is the name that is used to auto fill a data struct member name (which of course can be changed at design time).

Just so you can visualize:
Alias: 56GCDB
Current Name: AcmeGeocomDatabaseID
New Name: AcmeDispatchRegion

So when creating new data structures (emphasis on "new"):
szAcmeGeocomDatabaseID will instead default to szAcmeDispatchRegion.

The only confusing thing is that existing data structures will obviously still be named szAcmeGeocomDatabaseID, but most if not all of that code is being deprecated.
Hard to say net impact. By Name do you mean the DateItem Field? I'm looking at a custom DD I've got and cant see the Name field anywhere.

E1: DD: Deploying Data Dictionary Changes (Doc ID 626511.1)

and info on DD

E1: DD: Overview of EnterpriseOne Data Dictionary (Doc ID 1267422.1)
Yes, its the Data Item field I guess. For example AN8 is AddressNumber. We have separate DD instances for our different environments so I went ahead and made the change in our DV DD instance and tested several things. Doesn't appear to have any negative impact and I can't think of any reason why it should... I just can't ever recall having made this specific change to a DD item.
...well, I'm trying it so if you see my Resume floating around you will know it didn't work.