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RightFAX & Create!Form on the deployment server

Hi list,
I'm looking at rationalizing the servers used in our development/testing JDE setup. One of the ideas I'm currently kicking around is to retire our test Faxing server and to locate the RightFAX (hardware and software) & Create!Form applications on the deployment server.
My only worry is that there could be some conflicts between OneWorld & the RightFAX/Create!Form products.
Does any one currently run deployment serverices and RightFAX/Create!Form from the same box? any potential conflicts or problems I should be aware of?
Thanks in advance

B7332 SP10.1 (& SP14.1 in Dev)
AIX & Oracle with NT4-SP5 Deployment
NT4TSE-SP6 with Metaframe 1.8 SP2 FR1