Reverse of Receipt routing


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Dear Purchase experts,

Our customer is using receipt routing (TRAN, DOCK, STOCK). Sometimes an order is booked on stock but the user realises that e.g. the prices are incorrect. Is there a proper way to reverse the stock increase via receipt routing ? The reverse option in the P43214 can only be used if the first receipt routing step is active.

Thanks in advance,

martijn Groeneveld


Greetings Martijn,

I'm not sure about the P43214 option, but the following is how to reverse a Receipt Routing.

In Movement & Dosposition (P43250), Move the quantities back to the previous Operation (i.e. STOCK to DOCK).
This should automatically take you to the P4312 Receipts screen. If the set-up is correct, everything should be defaulted in, just press [Enter], and accept (if required).
Although there is a Reverse functionality in the Receipts program (Option 8), the Receipt Routing reversal receives (Option 1) a negative quantity, instead.
If the default to Receipts described above doesn't happen, perform a Receipt Reversal using Option 8 on the lines you want to reverse.
The quantities should be out of inventory and back in the Receipt Routing.
Of course, this won't work properly if the Receipt has already been Voucher-Matched. The Match should be reversed first.

Hope this helps some.


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Somehow i am not able to change back from STOCK to TRANSIT. I will check if we're missing some AAI setup but do you have any suggestions about possible causes ?


Check the following Processing Options in P43250 (Option. Setting):

3. 1
4. 1
5. 3 (very important)

9. Check that it calls a valid version

Also, I said you have to back it up to the previous step, that means you back up one Operation at a time. In your post you mentioned that your client had three Operations, TRAN, DOCK, STOCK, am I understanding the set-up correctly? If so, they would need to move from STOCK to DOCK, and then DOCK to TRAN (if they need to completely reverse everything). When you back up to the correct Operation, the Receipts screen (P4312) should automatically appear for the Receipts reversal, the same way that it does when Receiving.

Let me know if this helps.


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This is the big advantage of jdelist. Founding out functionality that wasn't expected from JDE. Thanks for the input. I will create some test versions to simulate this functionality.