Resetting a check that was voided in error - can you UNDO a POSTED VOID?

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It's month end.
G/L is currently in DECEMBER, A/P is still closing NOVEMBER.

We had an AP person void vouchers/checks that were from NOVEMBER.
When he voided the checks, he used a DECEMBER date.

Now, NOVEMBER is out of balance for the exact amount of the checks that were voided.

I don't know of a way to reset a void, and it's posting, after the fact.
I'm not even sure that a method exists.

I'm posting here to see whether any one knows of a way to do this,
so we can back the amounts out of DECEMBER and apply them to NOVEMBER.

(We have suggested "use a journal entry" but were instructed to dig further).

You can't void a voided check. There are other solutions such as reprocessing manual/automatic payments but those can generate spooled files for the replacement payment records. The best and safest solution would be a journal entry.

Frosty the Coder

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We, in IT, have stated "Journal Entry".

They, in AP, are reluctant to the idea.
(They, in AP, are out-of-luck as I've now heard "can't be done" several times)


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I'm in IT but I will not recommend the "JE" way to enter payment.

The best way is to duplicate the payment as a normal process. The processing option P0413M -> 3-Processing -> "2. Duplicate Number Error Message" will allow you to enter the payment with the paid check number. It will also close the open payment vouchers.
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